Who We Are

Trustpoint Wealth which was known as Connecticut Fiduciary Services was founded by Reginald P. Finno, a 16 year law enforcement officer with the City of Waterbury, Connecticut. Mr. Finno has been in the fiduciary, advisory, and conservator service business since October 2014 with a background in accounting, fraud investigation, interrogation, reports and application writing.

Trustpoint wealth is a state registered and fully insured company providing professional financial advise, which serves private investors, financial investments with monthly, quarterly and roller types of investment accounts. Their clients also range from those who are more vulnerable members of the community to young adults and elderly.

Many of the individuals they service have families that live out of state and need help with managing their day to day finances; some my have no living family member to care for them; families with disputes to estate of a deceased family member and/or individuals with mental disabilities that limit their ability to manage their own finances.

They are a company this is committed to excellence ensuring reliability and responsibility for their clients while making it affordable. 

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